Penguin Update impact on Your Website

Penguin Update impact on Your Website

impact on your websitePenguin Update Impact on Your Website

As a website owner or designer, you will need to know how much damage the Penguin update impact on your website. Google penguin update affects your website and needs your regular attention to follow penguin guidelines and make changes. It seems like this update was made so fast that no one had time to read and learn all the new things. In my opinion, most websites are affected by this update. The good news is that the number of sites with significant impact from the update is limited. The bad news is that a lot of websites will be affected by the Penguin update. In addition, if you are a website owner who was trying to attract new clients then the Penguin update could end up hurting your company’s chances.

The update was done on September 18th. When Penguin update impact on your website hit WordPress blogs, it triggered the servers to perform a series of maintenance checks. These checks removed any malicious code that might have been affecting your website. At first glance, it appears as if the Penguin update was a success for WordPress. That is until you understand that the updates broke some plugins and themes out there. This is a significant issue because most website owners don’t own a couple of plugins to customize their themes. Even if your website is powered by WordPress, these updates have caused it to not function properly and break some plugins.

Latest penguin update by Google

You can also expect that some search engines are reviewing the update in new robot updates. Google has made changes that they are using in order to look for specific phrases that will cause the update to take place. This is a good thing because that means that your website won’t trigger a red flag for the update. You should also expect that the latest versions of Bing and Yahoo will be handling the update. That means that your website will be reviewed in the new robot updates.

Impact on WordPress website after Penguin update 

The WordPress platform has seen a number of major changes, but the most significant one is the Penguin update. Previously, a major part of the site was protected from Panda. You would be able to avoid Google’s algorithm changes if you were a regular contributor to your blogs and websites.

However, the new updates mean that any sort of SEO is now out of the question. To improve your rankings, you need to make sure that you are using one of the latest SEO plugins. In this article, I am going to outline some of the factors that the WordPress platform will use to decide whether a site is an authoritative page.

Steps to reduce the impact of Penguin update

You need to ensure that the pages on your website have got their own pages and their own index. Otherwise, it will make no difference to Google’s rank. So I would recommend that you get a dedicated plugin to check your sitemap to make sure that it is not missing any of the major pages. You can also take advantage of these plugins and develop a list of known URLs.

Another big problem is that the developers of these plugins do not check for broken links. So they have no idea which of your pages are broken or need fixing. I think that you should always try to maintain your links before submitting them to the Google spiders.

Another reason why some of your pages may become corrupted. And some of your links broken is that there are some low-quality sites that are creating backlinks for themselves. You should never submit any links to low-quality pages. This is particularly true for Google’s Penguin update.

Plugins can help you manage your website

Plugins will also help to manage your site, but they can be very overrated. It is well worth your while to pay a little extra and buy a better plugin. Many of the best WordPress plugins allow you to manage your site in ways that you couldn’t do before. For example, a plugin like WP SEO, can automatically check all of your meta tags to ensure that they are working correctly.

You can take advantage of these plugins by creating shortcodes or WordPress buttons that will automatically post to all of the popular search engines. So they won’t get your site in trouble with Google and Bing. If you can get an organic post from Alexa, then that would also help your rankings.

Last but not least, you need to create good content. This is the single most important factor that will be used by Google to decide whether or not your site is an authoritative page. When you have lots of good content on your site, you are ensuring that Google sees that your site is trustworthy.

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The title should talk exactly what you want to say

Your title will probably have a lot to do with how high up the rankings you are. Always include a good keyword to get yourself into the top 10 results for your keyword. However, it does make sense to spend a little time checking your keywords.

Don’t forget that every time you change your website and add a new content, it is a good idea to edit your keyword list. This way you are always using your key phrases to create content. If you do it regularly, you are giving yourself the opportunity to use your keywords a lot more often.

WordPress & It’s Plugins

By making a small investment in WordPress and its plugins, you can quickly improve your rankings and keep your site fresh. If you don’t know much about coding and building websites, you might want to get a good plug-in or find a good platform to use.

Both of these methods will give you a place to test what is going on in Google’s network of sites. I don’t think that either of these methods will work for you if you are just starting out, but it is worth trying them out if you are having trouble.

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