What is our Lightning Fast Guarantee ? 

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We are the only hosting company which offers a site performance guarantee in a cloud hosting environment! We guarantee that your web sites will load faster and smoother than any other cloud hosting provider, thus improving your web visitors experience and increasing the time your visitor spends on your site which ultimately leads to higher conversions.

Using a combination of proprietary software and hardware technologies along with advanced system administration techniques, we are able to offer a faster hosting environment, thus offering you and your visitors a better overall web experience.

On average, our clients see a performance improvement (in terms of page load time and initial page response time) in the range of 20% to 200%, depending on the site size and number of hits per day. The busier the site, the higher the gain in speed.


Don't forget that if your site does not load immediately, your web visitors will most likely leave your page past the first click!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

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