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SEO a Digital Revolution
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a new process where you can design your website and implement some techniques to rank your website as high as possible on search engine result pages. In general higher ranked websites and more visited websites appears on the search list and it will receive more visitors from the search engine. These visitors can be converted into customers and own business will take a hike. SEO can be made for different types of search results like image search, video search, news search or general web search. It is different from local search engine optimization. SEO focuses more on National and international search.

SEO can be used as an internet marketing strategy but it will not be a good process for every business. There are lots of other internet marketing strategies available which are far better than Search Engine Optimization strategy such as paid to click sites, paid to promote sites, advertising campaign. But as an alternative to flyers, people can use SEO to promote their business.

Working process of SEO
Search engines work on two primary functions. The SEO works by crawling and building an index. It also provides the search users with a ranked list of websites that are more relevant to the user. The SEO works by correctly identifying the elements on our website. It helps to provide a link building without befitting on the various websites. The user searches for a term on Google and the SEO presents a series of websites that are relevant to the query of the user and also provides a solid domain authority. It makes use of the advanced crawlers that also helps to gather every information from the website by the user. The search engine optimization also provides an index for each website that is compared to the algorithm. It helps to create a separate algorithm that also helps the users to gather every bit of information by the user.

SEO also helps to increase the ranking of the website. The link servers allow the search engine optimization automatic robots like crawlers or spiders to reach to the billions of people that are connected with each other in the web. The search engine optimization provides data centre all over the world for the people to find a large amount of relevant data on the internet. It also provides a lot of answers to the people while searching over the web and provides a relevant inquiry to the query of the search provided by the people. It provides a relevance answer to the inquiry given by the user on the website in a very specific process.

Types of SEO
Generally, marketers adopt two types of SEO one is White Hat SEO and another is Black hat SEO.

  • White Hat SEO

From the name you can understand that this type of SEO strategy adopted by most legitimate marketers to get higher ranking on search engine result pages. Google has given all of their restrictions for practicing White hat SEO. This type of SEO strictly follow the Google algorithms and does not exploits The loopholes. White hat SEO mostly used to publish quality contents on websites, HTML optimization and restructuring of the website, link acquisition campaigns supported by quality content along with manual research and outreach. But White Hat Search Engine Optimization is a slow technique for gaining a result.

  • Black Hat SEO

As obvious as the name suggests. Black Hat SEO is used to find the weakness and loopholes in Google algorithms to get high rank in search engine results. This type of SEO does not follow Google restrictions and against the Google algorithms. So to practice Black Hat SEO is an illegal offense. But there are very few marketers who practice Black Hat SEO. The wholesome level of Black Hat SEO is almost equal to zero. Spam links, Keyword stuffing, cloaking, Hidden texts and hidden links are considered as the most common SEO links. The traffic generated through Black Hat SEO does not lat for a long time and the ranking is not able to maintain the position on search engine. So ranking achieved through the Black Hat SEO are short lived.

  • Grey Hat SEO

Apart from above two SEO, there is one another type of SEO which is Gray Hat SEO. This type of SEO technique takes bits from White and Black Hat SEO. It type of SEO mainly practiced by the marketers due to the pressure of client achieve results quickly for what they have been paying. Third party companies have an inclination for this mixed type of SEO practice.

Above SEO types are classified on the basis of practices in the industry. Some of the main target area's of SEO are the followings:

  • On Page SEO:

There are activities carried out before publishing a web page. On Page SEO refers to these activities and this helps to optimize a given page to get high rank on search engine result. This type of SEO technique uses an infusion of keywords, insertion of internal links, meta descriptions, the creation of customized URL structure and finally deliver good quality of content to the users.

  • Off Page SEO:

When a web page goes live then OFF page SEO comes into action. It includes sharing posts, commenting on the post to build traffic, liking the post on social media, giving a star rating to the post to increase the popularity and ranking of the post. Also in OFF Page SEO marketers need to answers the queries on the published posts to target customers.

  • Advantages of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is totally free, unlike paid advertisements. But sometimes some companies charge for this to do others work but still providing a continuous flow of free traffic. SEO gives you better positive conversion and it is a lot more effective than e-mail marketing and even flyers or printed advertisement. And now day’s internet users are increasing in number and it is clear that people feel reliable to search on Google. Search Engine Optimization helps to increase trust rating of the audience. Establish your business with the help of SEO will give you a good spot in the industry where you at. It increases your business growth and gives you higher ROI than normal Add campaigns. Through SEO your website get top position and this will help you to get the majority of the impressions and clicks, so ranking in the top position helps to get visitors and among of this visitors many are converted into a customer. For an example when you buy 1000 visitors from a paid ad, hardly 1%- 2% of those visitors might convert into a sale. When you get 1000 unique clicks from them 4% of them will convert in customers. So it is better to return on investment. SEO also helps to expand knowledge of your industry and Competition. SEO is a rising field and it is gaining popularity. More people are starting to realize that the benefits of SEO are extremely high. Your competitors know this and starting to take advantages of it.

  • Disadvantages of SEO:

SEO is a time-consuming process. Changes to your content can take weeks or months to show it. And posting only a few contents is not enough for getting top position on search engine. So SEO takes time as well as patience to get returns. On the plus side. It also means that for any reason if you pause activity then it will take a long time to get your expected result. Search Engine Optimization has no guarantee that it can generate traffic for your website. There are so many factors that can and search trends and it is not possible to know the algorithms of all search engines. So it is not possible to get the desired result within your required time. To improve results to need to have very good knowledge about the market and product areas where the competition is very less. Lesser the competition easier to make an impact. Google always try to change its algorithms to protect their system from the hackers that they cannot make cheating. So you need to constantly update your skills and knowledge about the algorithms and ensure your site to meet any new requirements. For an example, you can get a penalty for not having a mobile optimized site.

  • SEO as a Career:

As SEO is one of the trending techniques, so the job opportunities in the field are increasing at a rapid pace. The reasons that SEO will be a great career choice: High Demand for SEO- With increasing demand for new websites and users. SEO experts have become the need of the many big organizations. SEO experts make good money- You can earn around 50$ per hour by freelancing. Alone web designing, is not enough for your growth. Along as a developer if you can work as an SEO Expert it will give you career an additional value.

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